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Image by Johannes Plenio


You are unique,
just how you are.

It all started forty couples years ago, when my father-in-law set himself the goal of establishing his own clothing brand. His first offer of leather jackets and jackets began in Ecuador in the village Azogues. He was young, ambitious and enterprising. He couldn't afford to rent a store immediately and place an order for a large assortment of products. But what he could do was to buy a few jackets and go to other entrepreneurs, wealthy people, hospitals, enterprises and looking for clients. This is where his dream began.



It all starts with a small step.

After many years of gathering experience, reviews after many rallies and falls, more than forty years have passed when he first came out with jackets to people. Today he has his own showroom where you can visit him in Azogues, Ecuador.
Today, thanks to my wife and the dream that her dad passed on me, he wants to I continue his legacy. So that people wearing our Angel De La Pena jackets feel really special

`` UNIQUE ''
  My father-in-law's life, he dedicate "everything" to brand Angel De La Pena, working 7 days a week, 365 days a year. He became a recognized person in Ecuador. His jackets and above all LEATHER JACKETS, made it an exclusive brand. Today I want to follow this path and with God's help bring our motto and the feeling that accompanies wearing our clothes that make you

feel unique.

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